Moisture House Roof

How To Fix Staining Around Your Exhaust Fan Caused By Water Damage

This weekend the weather is supposed to warm up after a significant cold snap here in Calgary, Alberta, and area. When this happens we often get phone calls from customers noticing staining or wet spots on their ceiling, or even dripping from their exhaust fans. Typically, they are worried that their roof has suddenly been compromised or that their shingles are failing.

In a few cases, the roof is the problem, but for the most part the issue is a combination of factors having to do with condensation, poor ventilation, and inadequate insulation. We made this Prezi to help you understand what could be causing the moisture issues in your home.

We hope you find it helpful and if you do, please pass it along to friends and family. If you would like us to come by and try to evaluate the causes of moisture in your home, please call us at 403-366-3770 and dial 3 to reach our Customer Service team.

Stay dry!

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