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Winter is Here!

Oh, man. What’s going on in Alberta, Canada? An Arctic cold front brought blizzard snowstorms to Calgary and Edmonton. Awesome & awful!

The Internet is already full of news, videos, and photos. Check the elected ones.

The last news

CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 6 (UPI) — Many Canadians are facing travel problems and power outages due to winter storms and additional storms are on the way, meteorologists say.

The Calgary (Alberta) Herald reported following Friday’s heavy snowstorms, local police responded to at least 172 traffic collisions and closed some roads as a precaution.

The winter weather also prompted delays at Edmonton International Airport and cancellations at Calgary International Airport.

Meanwhile, B.C. Hydro in British Columbia said thousands of customers lost power due to heavy winds accompanying the storms, The Victoria Times Columnist reported.

Environment Canada meteorologist Bill McMurtry warned that Western Canadian residents should be prepared for additional problems as the inclement weather is expected to remain for several days.

“There’s no indication that this cold air mass is going to move off — it’s such a large-scale system and it covers such a big portion of Western Canada … there’s nothing in the foreseeable future that’s going to push it off,” McMurtry said.

The Canwest News Service said Eastern Canada is facing similar weather with winter storm warnings in place Sunday.

Additional snowfall and lower temperatures are expected in those areas.

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Interesting comments on the web “Hello, this is Eastern Canada. Shame on you Alberta for stealing all our snow. If we have a green christmas, we’ll know who to blame.” Mark Smith (Montreal, PQ)

“Man im not gonna lie, I just moved to Montreal 3 months ago from Calgary, I kinda wish I was there for? that storm.. its been awhile since Calgary had a storm like that” 8787trance

“the snow is worse in our neighbourhood….but i’m enjoying it ..its not like we get that much snow all the time. my car got stuck a block away from my house and had? to leave it there..” aaina2000

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