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We started the Epic Group because we are good at building better homes, but we have a higher calling. We want to make a larger impact in the world. This is what truly drives us. The idea that we can do what we love and help those in need at the same time.


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Calgary & Lethbridge Condo Roof & Exterior Services 

Condo roof and exterior services Calgary and Lethbridge property owners or managers need are available from the trusted professionals at Epic Roofing. For townhouse and condo roofing services, put your trust in our dedicated team of experienced roofers. We work with all types of associations including condo owners and property managers to provide superior condo roof maintenance, installation and repair work. For all of your condo roof and exterior services, Lethbridge and Calgary owners or condo boards simply need to contact Epic Roofing.

Condo Roofing Services Calgary, Lethbridge and Beyond 

We offer a full complement of condo roof services Lethbridge and Calgary condo associations and property owners can trust. If your roof is leaking, past its lifespan or is no longer in good condition, call us for an inspection. The first step is always a full inspection to determine the repairs or replacements that are necessary to get your roofs back to protecting the structures. Our condominium roofing services including annual maintenance, repairs whenever possible, replacement and most importantly priority service when you sign up for our condo roofing and exteriors program

Condo Roof & Exteriors Replacement in Lethbridge and Calgary

In many cases, it's necessary to replace the roof or siding in some areas of your condo complex. Our condo roof & exteriors team will work closely with you to help you select the right type of roofing material to match the other architectural details in the complex, as well as to provide you with the longevity and durability that can help prevent future repairs or early replacement. We offer a wide range of roofing product options from top name brands. You'll be able to choose from numerous price points as well as products in a variety of styles and colors. This gives you the flexibility to find the roof that fits your energy efficiency requirements, budget and aesthetic goals.

Condo Roof & Exterior Service Quotes for Lethbridge & Calgary 

As you consider your needs for condo roof & exteriors services for Lethbridge, Calgary and the surrounding areas, you should contact our experienced team for an estimate. We offer FREE roofing and exterior estimates for all small and large condo complexes. Contact us today and we will provide an estimate that meets your needs and your budget. It only takes a minute to learn just how affordable and efficient a new roof can be for your property.


We create Inspection Reports to provide the right knowledge to make accurate decisions.

Priority Services

We offer Priority Services for repairs completed in a timely fashion.

Annual Maintenance

We have a dedicated Service team to deliver fast and professional work for any size job.

Full Replacement

We have access to significant labour resources to ensure that roofing and exteriors replacements are completed on time and on budget.