CALGARY & Lethbridge Condo Roof Maintenance

For all of your Lethbridge and Calgary condo roof maintenance needs, put Epic Roofing & Exteriors to work. Our trusted team of professionals has over 15 years of experience helping condo owners, managers and condominium associations ensure their roofs remain in good condition. You can depend on our team for comprehensive support, affordable rates and reliable workmanship.

What Calgary & Lethbridge Annual Condo Roof Maintenance Do You Need

In Lethbridge, Calgary and surrounding areas, annual condo roof maintenance really makes a difference in the longevity of roofs. If you have not done so yet, we recommend having our professionals come to your location to provide a full roof inspection at least once every year. During this inspection, we'll look for any areas of concern with the shingles, metal or other materials used on the roofs. For those in Calgary, Lethbridge and surrounding areas, condo annual roof maintenance like this helps to identify and correct any issues before they become problems. In most cases, tackling these issues early helps to reduce risk of complications, ultimately reducing the need for extensive repairs later.

Customized Annual Condo Roof Maintenance

When you call our professionals, we'll work with you to arrange annual condo roof inspections. During the inspections, we’ll ensure that the buildings in your complex are properly and thoroughly examined. We do this as often as you need, annual inspections are recommended, but if you perceive any developing issues, we will make it a priority to come out and inspect the area or areas in question. If there are any concerns, we'll talk to you about the necessary roof repairs. We may be able to handle small repairs quickly, minimizing risks and keeping costs down.

We customize our roof maintenance programs to meet your specific needs while also ensuring we remain within your budget. Our annual condo roofing maintenance programs typically include:

  • Complete visual inspection of the roof and exterior
  • Before and after photos of all small repairs completed during the review
  • Roof repairs completed in accordance with the Alberta Building Code
  • A separate estimate provided for any roofing repairs over $2500

Contact us today to arrange annual roof maintenance services for your Calgary, Lethbridge or surrounding area condo buildings. 

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