Epic Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

  1. Lifetime Warranty Coverage: Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd. (“Epic”) warrants the project referenced herein against workmanship related defects for as long as you own your home. In the case of corporate or group ownership, this warranty applies for a period of 10 years from the date of the final job audit as indicated below in this warranty certificate. Should any related defects or leaks be discovered during this warranty period, Epic will repair or compensate pursuant to sections 1-8 In this document.
  2. Conditions, Limitations & Exclusions: The owner accepts the conditions, limitations, and exclusions of this warranty, including those listed below and in the other provisions of this warranty. Specifically, the liability of Epic under this warranty certificate is limited to repairs made necessary by the faulty or improper workmanship of Epic in the installation of the roofing system only and excludes repairs made necessary by:
    1. Manufacturer defects.
    2. Acts of God or other natural disasters which may cause damage to the roof including, but not limited to, hail,wind, flooding, war, vandalism, acts of terrorism, lightning, hurricanes, tornados or similar phenomena.
    3. Faulty building construction or system design including but not limited to improper ventilation causing condensation, settling or shifting of the building, damage by excessive traffic on the roof and /or damage caused by others working on or about the installed product.
    4. Alterations, repairs, additions, or transformation of the roof during the warranty period without the prior written approval of Epic.
    5. Damage caused by birds, insects, plants, fungi or spores or any other living organism.
    6. Spills including acid, chemicals, Oils, or other similar destructive/harmful fluids.
    7. Normal and acceptable ageing of part or all of the materials installed due to environmental exposure, which may include, but not necessarily be limited to: i) Oxidization of material; ii) loss of granules from shingles; iii) deterioration of sealant; iv) UV damage resulting in discolouration and limited cracking; v) limited wrinkles and buckling, and vi) environmental contaminates resulting in reduced reflectivity.
    8. Oil Canning in any metal material installed.
    9. Failure by the owner to follow proper maintenance practices of the roofing or wall system as specified by the manufacturer of the installed products.
    10. Failure by the owner to authorize Epic to replace all replaceable flashings at time of install; Replacement of flashings is not standard practice; maintenance to and resealing of flashings does not constitute. replacement; If the scope of work does not include flashings to be installed Epic will not warranty that location against leaks.
    11. Any workmanship directed by the owner that does not meet local building code, and in locations where the scope of work did not allow the install to meet code standards.
    12. Any installed products that have met the end of their expected lifespan and affected areas thereof.
    13. Failure of Paints, stains or sealants.
    14. Areas where manufactures have voided or reduced warranty coverage.
    15. Locations where a previous product failure has been known by the owner, and prior to product install was not disclosed to Epic intentionally or otherwise.
    16. Mere aesthetic concerns.
  3. Product Requirement: The use of a full synthetic underlayment or building paper is required for a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty to take effect on a property. Without a full synthetic underlayment installed beneath shingles, the Epic workmanship warranty is reduced to 5 years and is non-transferable.
  4. Notice: The owner of the building must notify Epic in writing of any repairs required under this warranty due to any leak(s) within two (2) days of the occurrence. This notice must include the name of the building owner, property address, and the specific location of where the leak originated. By submitting this notice the owner authorizes Epic and its employees, subcontractors, or agents to access the property and investigate the cause of the leak. The owner shall be responsible for and shall take all necessary steps to mitigate all damages until repairs (if required) are complete.
  5. Dollar Limit: The warranty cost placed on warranted leak repairs subject to the limitations and exclusions of this warranty will be limited to the total value of the affected line item in the contract. Epic may at its discretion issue a refund to the “dollar limit” in place of replacement.
  6. Payment in full: Epic will have no liability to warrant any of the workmanship related defects or leaks relating to the work completed if Epic Roofing has not been paid in full by the owner for all work done, including services, materials, supplies, warranty costs, or documented change orders.
  7. Access: Epic employees or agents shall have access to the roof during normal business hours upon provision of 48 hour’s notice to the owner for inspection. If access is limited due to security or other restrictions, the owner will make every effort to remove these barriers so that an inspection can be completed. Failure to provide reasonable access to the building and/or work area to Epic by the owner within the above time frame shall render this warranty null and void.
  8. Process: If after investigating a reported leak, Epic determines that the defect is covered under the workmanship warranty, Epic will undertake to make the necessary repairs within a reasonable period of time during normal business hours, subject to availability of materials and pre-existing commitments to other customers. Any subsequent interior or exterior damage is not covered under this warranty. Repairs to be completed with closest available match, at Epic’s discretion. The owner further acknowledges that Epic’s liability shall be limited to the repairs to the workmanship related leaks/defects occurring during the warranty period as further limited by the terms and provisions of this warranty and that the coverage provided under this warranty certificate is the owner’s sole and exclusive remedy. If after investigating a reported leak, it is determined that it is not a workmanship related leak, the owner or their agent shall be responsible for payment of all costs associated with the investigation. Failure by the owner to pay the costs of the investigation shall render the remainder of the limited warranty null and void. In addition, Epic Roofing will advise the owner of the damage or repairs required to bring the roof up to a warrantable status, with responsibility for the costs of any such repairs to be borne by the owner(s). Failure to conduct the recommended repairs through Epic’s employees or agents within a reasonable time may result in forfeiture of the remaining portion of the warranty. The owner will be responsible for any removal and replacement of overburdens, plants, trees, landscaping, or other permanent or temporary structures that may impede or prevent the process of investigating or completing the warranted repairs. After completion of substantial warranted work or if payout has been received by the owner, the lifetime warranty will be considered entirely satisfied and no longer eligible for future coverage. “Substantial” will consist of over 50% value of the original line item of the estimate for the affected work. By agreeing to have substantial work completed; the owner or any of the property representatives waives any prior or subsequent litigation rights against Epic.
  9. Other Provisions:
    1. This warranty shall not be effective unless executed by an authorized representative of Epic Roofing after final inspection;
    2. No modifications of this warranty shall be effective unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Epic Roofing and the owner;
    3. This workmanship warranty is transferable. subject to prior written approval being received by a subsequent owner from Epic Roofing within thirty (30) days of a change in ownership. Failure to obtain prior written approval from Epic of a change in ownership and transfer of warranty coverage will render this warranty certificate null and void.