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Welcome to Epic

Few things are more fundamental to our sense of security and personal well-being than a solid and sound roof overhead. That certainty of resilient protection from the elements is at the very heart of what we do. Epic was founded on the premise that the highest standards we can strive to deliver on, are those we would set to ensure the safety and security of our own families and loved ones. It's a core value that informs everything we do. And whenever Mother Nature is at her worst, we're at our best.

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Where you call Home

We think about every aspect, angle, condition and possible contingency that can negatively impact and ruin the resilience of your home's roof and exterior. Whether it's hail damage, leaks or just the ravages of time, our obsessive attention to every detail is the baseline on which we work.

Roof Replacements

Whether from age, wear or weather, we offer complete roof replacements with no shortcuts or shortcomings. Expect nothing less than quality workmanship and materials.


We take pride in offering professional siding replacement services, enhancing and updating your home's appearance. Our dedicated team will be happy to walk you through the design process, to ensure that your property is left looking its best.

Hail/Wind Damage

When nature's wrath wreaks untold havoc on roofs and siding, we expertly assess, estimate, work seamlessly with insurance and then repair and restore to good as new–and often better.

Leak Repairs

If it can, water will find a way in. Like you, we have zero-tolerance for leaks. So we go out of our way to locate, assess, repair and rectify.

Residential Services

KeepING WorkplaceS Working

Our well specialized team has made us a trusted and top-rated industry leader. With the qualifications and extensive experience in meeting the demanding standards for commercial roofing and exteriors.

Building Envelope Restoration

It's a critical part of any structure's defences. We work in close partnership with Building Envelope Consultants to meticulously execute their designs and ensure extra-long lasting building performance.

Flat Roof Installation, Replacement & Maintenance

Maintaining owners peace of mind with smart solutions, rugged long-life materials, expert installers and competitive, consistent pricing.

General Contractors

We partner with general contractors to bolster team capability and capacity to ensure top-quality, on-schedule completion of complex building envelope projects.

Condo Communities

We work closely with condo boards and property managers to preserve the value of their properties through capital projects and regular maintenance.

Commercial Services
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Why Epic

While we like to think our work speaks for itself, we know that numbers matter and - statistically speaking - our story adds up to a sizeable sum of reasons why we're one of Western Canada's most trusted and respected specialty exterior contractors.

Years of Experience
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Accreditations and credentials

budget-friendly Financing Options

Whether supplementing your dream exterior renovation or navigating your unexpected repair - there are options. Start your application now.

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The most 5 star google reviews In Western Canada. We truly appreciate when our customers take the time to share their experience.

"This is a very challenging roof and Epic Roofing & Exteriors did an amazing job!"

Bev & Andrew

"Epic Roofing & Exteriors helped us every step of the way from navigating our insurance claim to choosing our roof."

Samantha & Brad

"I have a lot of trust for Epic Roofing & Exteriors.Their communication was fantastic and the job was completed in time at no extra cost!"


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Get an accurate, detailed assessment of the materials and time required to do the job right. Everything is meticulously listed and accounted for and every question you may have will be happily answered. You can quote us on that.

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