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While we live and work in many different communities, we never forget that we are all part of one much larger community that extends well beyond our own backyards and borders. EPIC Roofing & Exteriors takes the social responsibilities that come with good corporate citizenship very seriously. And we act accordingly.

Building a better world

We believe that putting a safe, secure and resilient roof
over one's head isn't just good business, it's fundamental
to furthering the progress toward creating a more equitable, inclusive and ultimately, more prosperous world for all. It's why we're actively engaged and involved with community improvement, education and development initiatives both in Canada and in developing nations globally.

How EpiC Helps

While we pour our passion into every project,
we put heart and soul into every life we help change–and every community we help improve.


Building security and hope starts with building
relationships. We actively invest in businesses that meet local needs and help create more sustainable and resilient communities.

Whether it's rebuilding after a natural disaster or investing in basic local infrastructure, empowerment is the cornerstone of robust community development.


To us, education is a life-long journey–the key to lifting every life and building every community. It is the most effective tool in creating self-worth and enabling self-sufficiency.

We invest significantly in ongoing education and continuous improvement in both our own enterprise and in the communities where we live and work.


Giving for the benefit of all is a hallmark of good
corporate citizenship. Our practice goes well beyond the mere giving–as generous as that is–to engage and involve our shareholders, employees and partners in actively participating in our efforts.

At EPIC, donating time and talent is every bit as valuable ( and valued ) as any monetary contribution.

Rescue & Recovery

We're not naive about the nature of some of the
regimes in nations where we are engaged in disaster recovery, restoration and community development.

In areas where human exploitation and trafficking occurs, we partner with accredited organizations such as International Justice Mission and Servants Anonymous who are trained for such challenging–and often lifesaving–circumstances. EPIC helps restore lives, communities and hope by assisting with local business creation and providing micro business loans.

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