Insurance Claims

Insurance preferred. Our reputation for exceeding industry standards and customer expectations includes our solid relationships with top insurance providers and adjusters. Working directly with claims adjusters and seamlessly managing every step of your claim is just another way we've got you covered. Figuratively and literally.

damaged siding

your claim. our expertise.

Over the course of thousands of successful repair and restoration projects, we've built strong ties with insurance providers and have become a preferred contractor. This means there are additional benefits available to customers who chose EPIC.
Not the least of which are:
• Direct and expedited communication with your adjuster.
• Available extended warranties.
• Preferred First-Call service in crisis circumstances.
• Extensive experience with hail and wind insurance claims.

first things first.

We're happy to handle the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your insurance claim. To make the claims process even smoother, there are a few simple steps you can take–and then we can take if from there.

Contact insurer & emergency repairs

Once your claim is opened, you should be provided a claim number and advised as to when the damage can be assessed. If your home requires emergency repairs, your insurer should assist with dispatching emergency
repair services.

choosing a contractor

Your insurer will likely provide a list of 'Preferred Contractors' ( and EPIC is likely to be on it ). These are rigorously-vetted contractors who meet stringent quality standards and industry regulations. Additional warranties and benefits may be available when we are selected to do
the work.

adjuster evaluation & assessment

Your insurance adjuster should inspect the damage and provide an estimate for the cost of repairs. While much can be done digitally and online today, in-person adjuster inspections remain the best way to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Confirm costs & BEGIN repairs

Ensure that cost estimates are complete and everything needed to fully repair and restore is accounted for. Upgraded materials or new products may be selected to replace older components. Once signed off, your quality-crafted EPIC repair and restoration can begin.


Get an accurate, detailed assessment of the materials and time required to do the job right. Everything is meticulously listed and accounted for and every question you may have will be happily answered. You can quote us on that.

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