Building Envelope Restoration

Returning buildings to their original Glory!

Commercial BER - Multi Family Capitol Projects

Multi Family Capital Projects

Many condominium complexes have saved reserve funds to upgrade their exteriors. We can help with the design and the construction so that the board feels comfortable and confident they are receiving value for their savings. Residents have appreciated the speed and skill of our crews to finish high quality work in record times. Personal courtesies and genuine service go a long way in keeping all residents happy.
Commercial BER - Vinyl Deck Membrane Replacement

Vinyl Deck Membrane Replacement

Many vinyl decks are due for replacement. However, siding, railings, sheeting, and possibly doors need to be removed to replace these deck membranes. All of our in-house installers make this a breeze coordinating with individual residents and executing well. We also install Liquid membrane decks too. Talk to us if you need pricing for your complex.
Commercial BER - Water Ingress & Wood Rot

Water Ingress & Wood Rot

Unfortunately, buildings can hide leaks, and if not dealt with quickly, they turn into large imposing projects. If you have a leak, don't wait; deal with it to ensure it doesn't become a larger issue. In addition to leaks, buildings have become more complex and new building standards are not understood by all builders. With our building envelope experts and installers, we can remove wood rot and ensure all moisture is kept from inside your building.
Commercial BER - Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration

It is a unique challenge to match old world products with new while keeping the character, function and aesthetic of a building from a different era. We work with engineers and architects to restore buildings and retain our heritage. Not many can do this work well!
Commercial BER - Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

All buildings need to be maintained each year especially with our increasingly extreme weather. Freeze thaw cycles separate seams, imposing thunderstorms dump rain and hail, and chinook winds test our buildings! These all need to be considered when choosing regular inspections and maintenance. With Epic you will served by our red seal journeyman technicians and receive sophisticated reports that will help you know what is urgent and how to budget for non urgent repairs.

Our Process

We have lead 1000's of successful projects. Here is a template that works.


Start with a proper diagnosis and the constraints. We ensure a thorough understanding of the problems and your objectives.

Education on Solutions

Evaluating the pros and cons of a solution are vital for a good decision. We want to design solutions that meet the buildings long term needs and the short term budgets.

Planning is the key

The details don't work themselves out - we plan how to accomplish the project without pitfalls and delays. We know the risks and mitigate them beforehand. This is then how projects go smoothly.

Serve Faithfully

It is reassuring to witness teams working well together.

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