Specialty Projects

Not all projects fit a mold.

Commercial Specialty - Unique Projects

Unique Projects

Although we appreciate a break with a nice square building, we are always looking for a challenge that requires thought and some innovation to accomplish - we enjoy projects so unique that we might never do anything like it again. We never stop feeling some pride of these past projects that pushed us.  From a historical caboose restoration to underpass Art Installations, we love being part of projects that engage our minds and creative side. What a way to add some flavour to our culture!
Commercial Specialty - Infrastructure Buildings

Infrastructure Buildings

Many government infrastructure projects need to perform for a century. These projects are high quality and demanding to ensure that they will never fail. We have worked on many of these and recognize their importance to our communities.
The image displays a modern custom-designed home by Epic Roofing & Exteriors, set in a Canadian forested area.

Custom Homes

We help with design/build high end custom homes. These projects require craftmanship and finesse not necessarily speed. We are known to take the required time to install properly and can ensure that details are not missed. Because we install Roofs (flat, metal, sloped) Hardie, metal, and windows/doors, we can ensure a project goes smoothly when managing the entire building envelope scopes of work.
Commercial Specialty - Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration

Old Buildings are a piece of our History and are worthy to be restored. Our craftsman have come from all of the world and are skilled at Slate, Lead work, clay or concrete tile, metal, Brick and stone. We are excited to Build and Restore these special buildings as a prime contractor or as part of a team.
Commercial Specialty - Liquid Membranes

Liquid Membranes

Chemistry has changed waterproofing. Liquid membranes are being used on decks, parkades, odd shaped areas, and roof recoveries. These can be an effective way to keep your existing roof performing for another decade or more.

Our Process

We have lead 1000's of successful projects. Here is our template that works.


Start with a proper diagnosis and the constraints. We ensure a thorough understanding of the problems and your objectives.

Education on Solutions

Evaluating the pros and cons of a solution are vital for a good decision. We want to design solutions that meet the buildings long term needs and the short term budgets.

Planning is the key

The details don't work themselves out - we plan how to accomplish the project without pitfalls and delays. We know the risks and mitigate them beforehand. This is then how projects go smoothly.

Serve Faithfully

It is reassuring to witness teams working well together.

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