Epic Helps


Our mandate as a group of companies involves giving away not just from our surplus but as part of our social responsibility as a business. While we are anchored in local communities in Canada we recognize, as global citizens, by building and restoring thriving communities at home and abroad we can transform lives one family at a time in our local area, as well as in developing nations and/or nations devastated by natural disasters. The happiest people on earth are the ones who are not self – serving. We truly believe that and want to live it.
As we embrace social awareness it necessitates us living in a generous space. The practice of philanthropy not only involves our shareholders but invites our employees to contribute, engage, and participate wholeheartedly in our efforts around the globe.
Investing business capital into local needs, developing nations or disaster relief is a means by which we empower those living in adverse circumstances or under oppressive systems. Building and restoring hope happens dramatically in the lives of those empowered, especially when offered through relationship.
Human slavery is on the rise. Exploitation and human trafficking often requires immediate and concentrated action. We partner with organizations like International Justice Mission (IJM) and Servants Anonymous (SA), who are trained for such challenging but lifesaving work. Recovery includes business creation and micro business loans, which is where we can be of value to the process of building and restoring lives.
Building and restoring lives involves education at every level. Education is often a road to freedom, empowerment, and self – sufficiency. It is also the way to building and restoring individual worth, value and breaking oppressive systems. Education is a powerful tool enabling people to recover their true identity.

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